Oh What Fun or How I Followed the Exhaust Fumes

My Dad and uncles(Uncle Bill and Uncle Tom)were always providing lots of opportunities for fun and adventure when I was a kid. It was, perhaps, due to the crazy capers of their younger years, which we learned about much later. My grandmother never failed to gasp and shake her head upon the telling of these escapades.

On this particular winter day I remember piling into the car with my brother, Chuck; my cousins, David and Julie; and my Dad and Uncle Tom.  We headed to the fairgrounds with rope and sleds on board. When we arrived, Dad and Uncle Tom tied each of the sleds to the back bumper of the car with the rope. We took turns hopping on the sleds and riding up and down the curvy, snow covered roads of the fairgrounds. I even remember my dad taking a turn on one of the sleds. We had such a great day!

Yep, it was a different time then. It was a time when kids headed out on their bikes in the morning to play with friends and sometimes didn’t return until dark.  Whatever house we ended up at for the day, the Mom always had extra sandwiches for lunch and plenty of bandaids for skinned knees.(And I’m sure they were communicating with other Moms behind the scenes.) I guess maybe safety was defined a little differently back then.

About Kathi

I like to think of myself as a "Grandma with an Edge." I continue to be curious about the world around me, the people who live in it and the things that make me go, "huh?" I'm a retired social worker(yes, that explains part of the curiosity) who loves to spend time with family, travel, quilt, cook and many other things on my list that I have yet to pursue. Life is short! Enough of this, I'm busy!
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